• Чудовкраюзабуття

  • 状态: 高清
  • 类型:剧情
  • 主演:Valentyn Trotsyuk Anatoly Khostikoyev Kostyantyn Stepankov
  • 年代:1991
  • 地区:烏克蘭

简介:In a small Ukrainian village, someone starts circulating the rumors about the Second Coming and that the Messiah is already somewhere in the region. A mysterious stranger is found dead near the village. The local authorities come to investigate but the villagers seem reluctant to talk about it. The case is closed for the lack of evidence. Then another stranger appears who looks like a spitting image of the dead man. The second appearance ultimately unravels a complex web of lies, guilty secrets, confusion and despair that prove dangerous and inescapable enemies that may alter the very fabric of the village’s existence.based on Valery Shevhuck's story "Petro the Fugitive", it's a hidden gem from an obscure director that makes a compelling and thought-provoking viewing.


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